CAT6 Cabling

Install Cat6 Cables for a Faster and More Secure Home Network

If you want top-notch security, speed and privacy with your home network, then going with a wired system that can assure high reliability and performance is your best bet.

With so much entertainment online, nowadays it is crucial to reap the benefits of wired networks that enable you to stream and download at lightning fast speeds.

With Cat6 Cabling, you can have a rock solid system that won’t drop out when you turn on the microwave or pick up your cordless phone.

Wiring the house using Cat6 cables

Cat6 or Category 6 network is considered to be the standard in the Ethernet world, and Cat6 has the potential to serve the growing demands of speed in the coming years.

A qualified technician can run Cat6 cables in every room of your house, eliminating the issue of slow WiFi speed due to the materials used in your walls for example.

You can install Cat6 cables as a DIY project, in case you are comfortable working with your house wiring.

However, in case you do not know much about wiring, be sure to call a local network installer.

Crafting a solid plan

Whether you call a professional installer or decide to proceed yourself, you must first have a plan involving the following aspects:

+The location of your data outlets.

+The amount of ports per data outlet

+Determining your core distribution center location

+Planning your cable routes (attic or basement for example)

Taking the DIY approach

In case you go the do it yourself route, you will need a couple of tools, like Ethernet crimping tool, hole saw, drill and screwdriver, the right amount of cable, cat6 ends, jacks plates and other wiring accessories depending on the layout of your house.

Running the wires neatly through walls can be tricky. Only do this yourself if you know your house very well.

Check out this video from on how to pull cables trough an existing wall:

Once the cables routed trough their final location, you’ll have to terminate the ends and attach your wall-mounted plates.

Here is a quick video on how to crimp your cables:

Hiring a professional

In case you are not feeling the DIY approach or worried about damaging your plumbing, electrical wiring, studs or something else by accidental drilling, call a local network installer get a professional assessment before you take the plunge.

Data Wire Solutions is located in Westchester County, New Your if you are happened to live in our service area we are happy to assist you with your next cabling project. Call or email us for a free consultation. Any comments, questions, please share your thoughts below. Thank You for reading.

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