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Ever wished for peace of mind at home? If so, I bet ‘smart home automation’ is one of the first things to cross your mind. It does not only give you a one of a kind convenience but also helps you save considerably.

Besides, smart home automation service helps you to control everything connected remotely. It also enables you to choose when to switch on or off connected devices in the home.

If the research data by Statista are anything to go by, we’re going to witness a mass adoption of smart home systems within five years. Smart lighting is predicted to triple by 2020 and smart audio devices to soar up from 100 million to around 230 million and over 100 million smart devices.

Why Homeowners Are Loving Smart Home Automation Systems

With all these predictions, it’s apparent that you could wonder why most homeowners are embracing this new technology. Here are some of the benefits you get to enjoy by upgrading your home!

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1. Enhanced Security

Installing security cameras, motion sensors, and smart door locks can help enhance your entire home security systems. With the surveillance cameras, you get to monitor every activity back at home remotely.

With smart locks, you control full access of your home. You can lock, and unlock your home at any time, therefore, choosing who enters or leaves the premises.

Finally, you can also link your motion sensors to smart lighting systems to alert you in case of intruders.

2. Entire-Home Audio System Control

Ever thought about how you could play two different music at the same time on two different speakers from a single device? Well, a multi-room audio system helps you do this seamlessly. By installing multi-room audio, you get to control all your streaming devices, satellite receivers, and the speakers in one place for easier control.

3. Lighting Control System

Did you know you could also change cues in your home to suit different moods? Most homeowners love smart lighting systems because they allow them to change the lighting to match specific moods or events.

To save energy too, you can also program the lighting systems to the only switch on the lights when you need them, and switch them off when you don’t.

4. Thermostats, and Sensors

Smart thermostats help relay information between your phone, and HVAC systems. This enables you to automate them so that you only switch them on when needed. Moreover, you can also connect them with sensors that help relay real-time information and adjust your air accordingly.

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How To Install Smart Devices

If you’re a tech-savvy homeowner, you could do the installation on your own. However, home automation can be quite complicated as well. A simple configuration mistake, and you’ll have to do the whole process again, wasting time and money. Why would you go through this when we can help you out with our home automation service?

We not only install them well but we also give you insights on how to get the most from the devices. Not all installers are equal though. A mediocre technician may not only leave you with extra liabilities but also complicate most processes.

Why Choose Us?

Here are the factors to consider when choosing the best video audio installer for your smart home automation system.

• Reputation

It’s important that you choose a reputable installer. You can always know about reputation by checking out reviews about them from past clients. You could also check their websites to learn more about them.

• Experience

For how long have they been in the industry? It’s a wise dive going with experts since they know much about different brands of smart home automation devices. They also know how to integrate your existing tech with your new system.

• Certification, and Insurance

Certification and insurance are proof that they’re legit service men. The certification is proof that they’ve got the right training, and are permitted to do upgrades to your home. Insurance is proof that they also care about your safety.

• Costs

A good installer will discuss with you all the costs involved beforehand without any hidden fees. This will help you plan well with your budget. Besides they should also be willing to give you clarifications on anything you don’t.


If you need to automate your home, then don’t hesitate to contact us for some of the best home automation services and advice.