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CCTV Security Camera Systems

CCTV Security Systems are the most economical way to keep your property secure from theft, vandalism, fire, or flooding.

Our Wiring and installation services are the highest quality available. With 15 years of experience, we are Westchester New York’s  highest rated installers.

We have a wide range of systems available to suit any requirements, for home and business. Get in touch with us today to get a free quote!

Acquisition of the right equipment and correct installation may prove to be a source of headache for a regular small business owner like you. Fortunately, we offer the ultimate solution to this kind of problems. All you have to do is contact us, and we will handle the technical aspects for you.

Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Have Professionally Installed CCTV Camera System.

  • Security

    Any potential criminal with a sound mind, will hesitate from pursuing illegal activities, once they know someone might be watching them. And that is exactly the camera will do, watch. CCTV systems acquired the nickname “all seeing eye” since they record all activities under their radar. Hence petty crimes that initially were common can be greatly reduced with such an installation in your business premise.

  • Customer behavior

    Though a controversial issue, CCTV camera systems gives the business owner a wealth of data on their customer. Traits such as gender, age group, type of clothing, body posture among others which are easily captured on video without the customers noticing. A business can then analyze the information and make important conclusions on how to improve customer experience.

  • Remote Surveillance

    The other benefit of having a good installation is remote access to your CCTV system. This means that a business owner has the liberty of conducting management tasks from the comfort of his home. CCTV camera software usually comes with a web based dashboard for an administrator. The business owner can then log in the portal at any time.

  • Reduced budget on security

    The traditional alternative to CCTV systems is a human security officer. One needs three to four officers in order to securely cover the same area covered by a single camera. Also, the officers are not capable keeping an accurate record of real-time events, some things happens too quickly for the eye. On top of the two disadvantages, many customers do not feel comfortable in an environment with many officers looking at them suspiciously. A CCTV system thus eliminates the need of having unnecessary staff in your business premises. By doing this, the cut of budget that went to security is reduced significantly. At the same time, customers tend to be more comfortable while transacting in your business premise.

  • Accountability from Staff

    If your business involves members of staff dealing directly with clients, then a CCTV system will guarantee you that your employees will be at their best behavior. They are aware that any gross misconduct will be recorded, and thus used as a ground for terminating their services.

Data Wire Solutions provides complimentary quotes for all CCTV installations in Westchester, New York and Connecticut

Installing a CCTV system can be quite a complex affair for a typical business owner. Installation issues such as extremely high or low cameras, obscured views, wide camera angles and poor lighting can only be addressed well by professionals. We follow the following steps to ensure that the installation is up to standard.

1. User Requirement Specification: We understand that every client has their own persona needs. Hence before doing anything, it is a priority to be on the same page with our clients.

2. Surveying of the Business Premise: Here we collect as much information as possible for design purposes.

3. Design: The third step is used to determine the most suitable implementation structures that can be used to efficiently solve our client’s problem.

4. Installation: We then will actualize the design as quickly as possible.

5. Maintenance: Our contract with the client doesn’t end with equipment installation in their premises, we go the extra mile of supporting them for as long as possible.

As a conclusion, we’ll remind you that cost should be the least of your worries. Depending on how willing you are to stretch your budget, we will always find something for you, courtesy of the variety of CCTV technologies in existence. For other installation and wiring services visit our main service page.

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