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No matter what type of business you have here in Westchester, New York, you will more than likely need network cabling installation. The type of cabling you will need will depend on what you are using your computer for, but a good cable installation tech will be able to help you decide what type of cable you need, whether you use your computers primarily for email and writing up documents, or if you frequently need to transfer large files over the network.

Why Do I Need the Right Network Data Cables?

If you want your Westchester business operations to work as quickly as possible in order to maintain higher production rates, then you’ll need to have the best network data cables available for the type of work you’re doing. Even if you have the most up-to-date computers and file servers, you still won’t be able to transfer files and information quickly without the right network cables.

The ability of your computer to transfer files depends on both the processing speed of your computers and the speed of the internal network connections, which is determined by the type of network data cables that you have. Knowing which network cables will work best for you and your growing business is best determined by an expert in the field, using some of the following considerations.

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Types of Network Data Cables

Cat5 cables. This is the most basic type of cable available that is already in many businesses. It can handle speeds of about 10 – 100 megabit per second. It has also been known to have some interference problems but still good enough for most installations.

Cat5e cables. The “e” here stands for enhanced, and this type of cabling is also known as gigabit cabling because it can handle up to 1 gigabit (1000 megabytes) per second. Because it also experiences a lot less interference, it is a lot more reliable than the Cat5 cables. Most businesses can use this type of cable if they are using it primarily for email, internet, document sharing, and up to medium-sized graphic files.

Cat6 cables. These cables can handle speeds all the way up to 10 gigabit for short distances. This type is best for businesses that frequently need to share large files such as video files, making it ideal for companies that work in film production or IT, or companies that have a constantly high volume of information being transferred.

Cat6a cables. The “a” here stands for augmented, and this type has the same 10 gigabyte speed of the Cat6 cables, but are able to perform with less interference over longer distances. This type of cabling should be used in businesses that require the higher speeds of the Cat6 cables but have an office layout that requires the use of longer cables.

What are these Ethernet Cables?

In the following short video ThioJoe explains the basics of Ethernet cable standards.

Which Cabling do I Use?

You can use the above considerations to get a good idea of the type of cabling that you may need for your company depending on the volume, type, and frequency of files that you transfer on a regular basis. Many businesses choose to future-proof their business by choosing to use the Cat6 cables right from the start. Keep in mind that much of the cost of installation is in labor, so you will save money in the long run by fully upgrading now, rather than realizing that you need to upgrade down the road and have to replace your entire system a second time.


We are a professional qualified cable installation company serving Westchester, NY and Connecticut can help you make this decision for your business or home.


Information on Data Points

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A data point is a stationary location in the wall or the floor in which a network data cable will connect to in order to access the network. Generally speaking, each data point serves one device, so it’s important to have enough data points to serve all of the computers and team members. Most businesses will also need to add data points in non-office spaces such as meeting rooms and demonstration areas.

When deciding on the number of data points you will need with your network cable installation, an expert cable installer will be able to help you make this determination based on the layout of your office, the current needs of the office, as well as your expected future growth.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss all of your options with one of our certified technician to make sure that you get the best possible service for your Westchester business or home.

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