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When it comes to Televisions today, it’s no longer as simple as setting them on a TV stand or in the center of your entertainment center.

Today, many TVs work best as wall mounts, which requires a professional’s help to ensure your new TV stays where you want it and doesn’t have a mess of cables sticking out from behind. Lucky for you, we’re here to help!

Here are a few of the services we provide when it comes to TV installation:

Select The Right Wall Mount Location

Where you put your TV is important for the optimal viewing angle and ensuring that it will remain secure once mounted.

Whether the TV mount is for a living room, bedroom, or bathroom, the wall mount’s location will be important for its performance.

The most expensive and potentially dangerous mistake people make when mounting a TV on their own is choosing a weak wall, leading to the TV falling from the wall.

To avoid that, we’ll help you determine the best location for your new television.

Installation of Wall Brackets

We can help you determine the best TV mount for your specific needs. A wall-mounted TV can be easily installed by following some simple instructions. Still, you don’t need to do it yourself: we offer professional TV mounting installation services and can help you choose the right bracket for your TV, location, and preference.

Once the right location is determined, we will correctly install the wall brackets to keep your TV exactly where you want it. We know exactly how much weight different materials can hold and how deep into the wall we need to ensure the TV is secure.

Proper installation of the wall brackets is the next most important step that many DIY-ers may miss.

Sound System Installation

A Soundbar is a great addition to any TV; it can really make your TV-watching experience more enjoyable. As you can imagine, there are many brands, types, and prices to choose from but you need to consider your personal needs and budget.

We can help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect sound option for your entertainment area.

Setting up a speaker system with your new device is a fast and easy solution if you need better sound.

Surround sound is an excellent way to make every movie a cinematic experience, but it must be set up correctly to work properly.

We can not only help get the angles and locations right for the number of additional speakers you have, but we can also ensure the wires are hidden in the walls so everything looks neat and tidy. We can also help with any other add-ons for your TV.

Setting Up Your Television

Once your TV is in place, we’ll ensure that it’s connected properly to whatever system you’re using so that by the time we leave, you can hit a button and have everything come on just the way you want it.

We believe that no TV installation is complete until your family is settled in front of a working television, so we’ll ensure all your network and cable connections are in place before we leave.

Hiding Existing Wires

Maybe you already have your device mounted properly and exactly where you want it, but unsightly wires come from behind it down to the outlet. If you want your home entertainment area to look its best, let us know, and we’ll help instantly boost the appearance of that part of the room by making sure the wires and cables are tucked away neatly into the wall where they belong so the TV blends seamlessly with the wall.


What’s included with the TV Wall Mounting service?

Our TV mounting service includes the following:

  • Plan the best mounting location
  • Drill holes and bolt-down mounts
  • Level the TV
  • Connect the TV to the wall mount
  • Connect the TV to AV sources
  • Hide cables behind the wall.

What do I need to do before my TV Wall Mounting appointment?

Before your appointment, please disconnect any unneeded cables and prepare your TV area before installation. We also recommend removing any large, heavy, or sharp objects that may be on the wall before installation.

What type of wall can I mount a TV on?

TVs can be mounted on a brick wall, a plasterboard wall, or a wooden wall. Brick walls are strong but may require a strong anchor. Plasterboard walls are lightweight and require a special wall mount and finding the stud location. Wooden walls are great for heavy objects.

Can my TV be mounted over my fireplace?

Mounting a TV over a fireplace is possible. Whether it is advisable to do so depends on the TV’s size, the fireplace’s depth, and whether it’s far enough from any heat source.

We have been providing TV mounting service to our customers for over 15 years. We have built our reputation on the high quality of our products, workmanship, and our installation technicians’ professional and friendly manner.

Call us today for a free estimate on any of our services.

One of our TV mounting specialists will work with you to determine the size, shape, and type of TV that best fits your preferences and budget. If you need a professional TV installation service and are in the Greenwich Connecticut, area, look no further than Data Wire Solutions.