How to Choose CCTV Cameras for Home Security

Security cameras help you protect your house against theft and vandalism both inside and outside. However, because of the number of options available with security cameras today, it’s important that you get all the information you can on home security cameras before you make any purchases. Keep reading to find out more about what you need to look for in your home security cameras.

Buying Considerations

Every security camera you find will have different specifications and do different things for you, so you need to know what you expect out of your security cameras so you can find one that works for you and meets your needs. Ask yourself these questions before getting started.

Do I need cameras that will work at night?

Because the vast majority of crimes are committed at night, it’s a good idea to get security cameras that will be able to see even in complete darkness. Many of the security cameras that you can find today can see perfectly in the dark, and work during the daylight hours as well.

How many cameras will I need?

This will depend on how big of an area you need to cover and how much coverage you want in that area. For a small front yard, you may only need two cameras to give a broad view of the front yard and the street, and one to watch the door closely. But to cover the backyard as well or a much larger property, you will need a more expansive system. The good news is that most systems allow you to add cameras as needed and still be able to connect them to the same security system.

Do I want my cameras to be clearly visible or hidden?

This is usually a matter of personal preference. If you have an ongoing vandalism mystery that you are trying to solve without the perpetrators becoming suspicious, you may want the dome style security cameras that hide the camera itself and blend in with the environment. If you are looking to prevent crimes, having “bullet” cameras is a good idea so that they’re obvious to anyone who is considering stealing or damaging your property.

Do I need any indoor cameras?

While the advantages of having outdoor cameras are obvious as they can deter criminals, allow you to see who is coming into your home, and get a video of anyone who does to commit a crime on your property, there are also advantages to having an indoor security camera. If someone does break into your home, having indoor cameras is an excellent second line of defense. They allow you to see exactly what was taken, and may offer a better view of the thief.

Once you know what you want and need in your home security system, you can go out and begin to shop around. Some other things to keep in mind while choosing security cameras is that you want to make sure they are quality cameras that are going to last. Although you can sometimes find quality cameras from newer companies, it’s best to go with a company that has a proven track record of excellence.

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