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From Slow to Stellar: How We Upgraded a Large Estate’s Network Infrastructure with UniFi!

The Challenge:  Our client, a large estate in Washington, Connecticut, faced connectivity issues across multiple buildings on the property. They needed a robust wireless network solution to provide reliable connectivity and secure communication between the buildings. Unfortunately, the existing network was outdated and unreliable, making it difficult for the estate’s employees and residents to maintain […]

TP-Link introduced its first Wi-Fi 7 routers

TP-Link, a significant player in the SOHO networking device market, recently unveiled its new portfolio of Wi-Fi 7 standard-based wireless routers still in development. TP-Link’s newly released Wi-Fi 7-based routers can help with seemingly impossible tasks; the top-of-the-line model, the four-band BE900, theoretically allows for an aggregate Wi-Fi bandwidth of up to 24 Gbps.