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Getting Your Cables In Line

That terrible bird nest behind your TV might just become a home to real birds soon if you don’t do something about it. The first and most important step to take would be getting the right cables. A big part of the reason why your cables are all tangled and coiled up behind your TV is the fact that you use wrong cables. Don’t just spring for any cable on sale, the right cables usually produce the right results and would be far easier to manage.

Get a 90 degree swivel coupler or several. A couple of them will help keep those wires in a smooth, straight line and manageable. Monoprice has an L shaped coupler that goes for less than $4. It sure is great for keeping the cables in line and best of all; you can adjust it to any angle you want.

Buying the right sized cables is another solution. When cables are being stretched or coiled up, it brings about the untidy look. You should also consider slim cables that would hardly tangle. If you’d rather keep the ones you have, you always shorten cables that are too long with a crimper and a cable cutter.

Another tip would be to colour code your cables. It can help with knowing which cable has gone where. A good AV receiver can also be used to route the cables leaving TV ports free and presenting a neater arrangement.

Separate your power cable from the others and make the others go in a single direction till they have to part ways. Labelling the cords according to what they are connected to, could also help keep them organised. A couple of label makers sell on Amazon for around $20.

You could also tie your cables down or even hide them. They are surge protector boxes that come with space for your cables. All you would have to do would be to coil them and place them in the box. Hiding you cables inside your wall is the ultimate solution especially when your TV is mounted on the wall and the apartment or house belongs to you.

If you follow the above some of the above tips, we guarantee no bird will come calling any time soon.

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