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Pricey AV Cables or Cheap Av Cables?

A lot of people ask the question; “which AV cable do I buy?” “Are expensive AV cables so priced because they are better than cheaper ones?” The fact remains that most pricey AV cables do not make a noticeable effect in audio quality. It is commonplace to find highly marketed branded products more expensive than their relativity quieter counterparts. As a result of marketing efforts, most household-name brands enjoy popularity and make sales no matter how expensive they are. There are still lot of people who believe that a very popular brand is better than one not so popular, but the facts belie this school of thought.

A HDMI is a very important cable when it comes to home theatre systems. With so many companies claiming to offer the best quality, it can be rather confusing for someone without much knowledge of AV cables to make a choice. The truth is there is no significant difference between the quality of the signal from the pricey cables and the cheaper ones. Even CNET says the use of cheap HDMIs does not affect audio quality significantly. The fact that there is no in-between with HDMI means that signals either arrive at the output destination or don’t. Cables around 50 feet in length can either be bought for around $45 dollars or even less. There are far cheaper when you only buy a few feet.

 The same thing applies to Legacy Connectors; both single RCA jacks, older digital connectors or the coaxial audio connectors. The fact still remains the same here; expensive cords will not produce a significant performance. Cheaper connectors can be had for $20-$25 depending on the length of the cord.
Inexpensive silver speaker wires can also be had for about $25 dollars; forget all the hype internet marketers make about pricey wires.

The Cat6 Ethernet cable is an effective computer interface cable. It provides a high signal transfer rate and causes far less problems than the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections. It is the ultimate cord for PC and television (or any other receiver) connection.

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