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Latest Sony TV Firmware Updates Improve Gaming Experience.

Some Sony TVs are now receiving an update to function as gamers’ monitors. The new firmware update allows the TVs to display a broader range of colors and improves input lag, making them better for gaming.

A year ago, the company promised support for dynamic refresh rates.

Sony has announced that they are releasing the new features they promised for their 2021 Bravia XR processor-based TVs. This announcement was made about a year after the original promise, and it is clear that Sony wants to make good on their word to their customers.

The A90J OLED TV model now supports dynamic refresh rate (VRR), which will allow for a more seamless and smooth viewing experience when watching content that requires a fast refresh rate, such as video games. Additionally, the update introduces the ability to adjust the microphone’s sensitivity, making it easier to pick up audio in a noisy environment. Finally, the update also adds an easy-to-use sound output switch to the quick settings menu, so users can quickly change between the TV’s built-in speakers and an external audio source. The update also supports 4K mirroring and Dolby Atmos audio playback when streaming content from an Apple device using AirPlay.

Dynamic refresh rates allow TVs to adjust their refresh rates to match the frame rate they receive, supported by Xbox Series game consoles and more modern graphics cards. This allows for a smoother gaming experience and eliminates the need for the user to change any settings. On the one hand, this eliminates the occasional image slip, and on the other, it gives a much smoother sense of motion as the frame rate fluctuates.

Despite Sony’s promise that the PlayStation 5 would support VRR, it still doesn’t. Unfortunately, this means that it will only be available to those with gaming platforms that support VRR.


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