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Tips to Choose the Right TV for the World Cup

What television should you buy now that the World Cup is around the corner?

How to choose a TV for the best possible viewing experience of the FIFA World Cup? The 2022 FIFA World Cup will begin on November 20 with the match between Qatar and Ecuador and continue until December 18, when the world’s best soccer teams will compete for the title.

We’re fortunate to be right on time to prepare for the best possible shopping experience: the November 25 Black Friday offers excellent opportunities for getting a new TV, sound system, or even a game console at a discounted price.

When choosing a television, it is important to consider the available features and options. However, with so many models on the market, it can take time to decide which one is right for you. Here are a few tips to help you make the best choice.

Size Matters!

It’s not always the case that bigger is better when it comes to TVs – if we choose a massive screen that takes up an entire wall but needs to sit farther away from it, we won’t be able to see the whole thing at once.

The vast majority of homes only require a 55 or 65-inch model, but the easiest way to determine the right size for you is to measure the distance from the planned TV location and then use this calculator to see what would be the most optimal.

When choosing a television, the screen size is essential to consider. For example, if you are sitting 10 feet away from the television, a 65-inch screen would be ideal. However, if you are only sitting 8 feet out, a 55-inch screen would be a better option. There is no need to spend extra money on a bigger television if it provides a different experience than you were expecting.

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Screen Resolution

The support for 4K resolution is now standard; anything lower is not recommended, and choosing 8K is simply unnecessary. OLED is the clear winner among technologies, but QLED is also adequate.

HDR10 support is also great, allowing us to see more realistic colors and shadows. A 100/120 Hz refresh rate is ideal for smooth, continuous images in sports broadcasts and video games.


Consider what connectors are needed and how many HDMI ports are required before purchasing. If you are not using a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X console, the more common HDMI 2.0 will suffice; otherwise, look for HDMI 2.1.

If the device you are using supports streaming services or can access online sports broadcasts through a browser, you should have no trouble accessing them. Most manufacturers provide this functionality.

It is common for televisions to have a “sport” mode. However, this often results in a worse picture than if the mode is not activated. Therefore, it is recommended that you thoroughly review the settings after purchase.


If you’re looking for the best possible experience, you’ll want to boost the sound with a soundbar or a more comprehensive system – unfortunately, the speakers on most TVs aren’t good enough.

If you’re looking for specific manufacturers and models to consider for your new sound system, Amazon has plenty of deals on its website. In addition, you can browse a range of soundbars, game consoles, and other devices to find the perfect fit for your needs. Check out Amazon’s Black Friday sale on November 25 for great deals on your favorite items!

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Professional Installation

A professionally installed television will provide years of enjoyment and trouble-free use, ensuring optimal performance and longevity from your television. A professional installer will have the experience and expertise to select the best location for your tv and install it correctly the first time. This will save you time and money in the long run. In addition, a professional installer can properly connect your components, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.
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