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At Data Wire Solutions we often have to swing by a local electronics store to pick a computer, Wi-Fi access point or a Flat screen TV. Luckily it’s a not a difficult task in Westchester, as a matter affect it is quite possible to shop till you drop.

All your shopping needs are catered to. Thanks to a collection of shopping districts and luxury malls, you are bound to find anything that you’re looking for. From fashion items, electronics, jewelry, books, furniture, baby accessories and even antiques, all your shopping needs can be quickly met.

In addition to that, there are some great eateries in the malls and shopping centers where you can quench your thirst or grab a bite.

Read on to discover our picks for the best stores in Westchester County, NY.

Cross County Shopping Center

Offering 1.3 million square feet of space, you are bound to find anything  in this massive shopping center. Inside, there are many retail stores where you can buy electronics. Examples of these are Sears, Verizon, and Gamestop. Stocking the latest gadgets and devices, you can find something that satisfies your needs.

After picking up that beautiful 4K TV you were searching for, the center has inviting, landscaped gardens which are perfect for a quick bite or that foamy cappuccino.

Ridge Hill Mall

Featuring a broad range of stores, this is a lifestyle center where you can find an all the electronics you may need. With more than a million square feet of floor space, Ridge Hill Mall contains a number of anchor stores providing a wide range of goods.

At the Apple store, not only you can pick up a brand new Mac but many computer accessories including, speakers, printers and all kind of cell phone accessories. There is also a Verizon store for all your mobile gadget needs and a Gitar Center for all the audio products you may want.

Empire State Flea Market

Known as the bargain shopper’s mecca, this shopping location contains an enormous variety of items ready for purchase. There are more than 150 active vendors in the Empire State Flea Market.

They sell everything from clothing, books, and footwear to electronics. All the items on offer are available at rock-bottom prices.

Therefore, you can find a used brand name electronic item here at prices which are much lower than those quoted in the retail stores.

If you’re in search of something genuine and useful at a pocket-friendly price, this the place to scour.

Pretty Funny Vintage

Are you interested in electronic items from the yesteryears? If so, the Pretty Funny Vintage store will deliver on your desire. There are hand-picked vintage electronic items such as vintage record players and speakers.

With more than 25 years of experience, the shop stocks a lot of cool items for sale. Every piece is hand-picked and tested. Therefore, feel right at home as you explore their collection.


Ok I know, if you live in Westchester you don’t have to drive far to find a Best Buy or Staples to replace that broken printer. Finding your electronic item of choice when you need it right away is a piece of cake. What is your favorite store? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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