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Sonos Audio Gear Gets Even Better With Latest Update

A recent update has made Sonos’ audio gear even better.

The latest update of the Sonos S2 app is now available to all home users, adding new features, including DTS Digital Surround support. If automatic updates are not enabled in the Sonos app, you can install new features by going to Settings > System > System Updates > Check for Updates in the in-app System Settings menu.

The “Hollywood at home” trend continues to dominate the world, with the number of films debuting on streaming services tripling in the past year. In consideration, DTS Digital Surround decoding has been added to Sonos devices to ensure that all content sounds incredible.

The DTS support elevates compatible content from streaming providers and makes Blu-Ray discs, game consoles, and other devices sound better.

New Features

DTS Supported Devices
DTS Digital Surround has been made available on Arc, Beam (Gen 2), Beam (Gen 1), Playbar, Playbase, and Amp devices via S2 software. Users will see a symbol on the Now Playing screen of the Sonos app when streaming DTS Digital Surround content.

New EQ Settings
EQ settings in the Now Playing screen: iOS users streaming music can now enter EQ settings, including treble, bass, and volume settings, through the Now Playing screen in the Sonos app. To access the EQ settings on the Now Playing screen, tap the volume control bar and press the equalizer button on the right. Android support will be available in the coming months.

Battery Saver
Battery-saving settings on Roam and Move speakers will automatically switch off after 30 minutes of inactivity. If the battery saver mode is on, speakers can be activated by physically pressing the power button.

If you have any questions regarding home audio or the new Sonos product lineup, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.

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