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Get Your Outdoor Entertainment System Ready For The Summer

Spring is on its way, and so is the warmer weather!

How do you plan to use that outdoor space at your Westchester home?

Maybe a BBQ or two, throwing a party, having a few guests over or just the family. Anyway, you choose to use it; we can help you make it more fun.

At Data Wire Solutions here in Westchester, NY, we can help supply your outdoor space with the audio, video, security and connectivity to turn a backyard, deck or patio into an extension of your home.

Outdoor Video Systems

There are some essential things to keep in mind when installing outdoor TV systems:

Moisture – Rain and snow usually do not mix well high tech electronics. These concerns are best resolved in the design stage of creating an outdoor living space and in choosing a TV that is sealed for permanent outdoor installations.

Visibility – Direct sunlight can make it difficult to see any TV screen, so placement is important. When we install your outdoor television, we can slightly increase the brightness and contrast making the screen more visible in the bright light

Safety – Running power cables for outdoor electronics needs to be done by your local code. We recommend a dedicated circuit for the outside locations.

Seating – Outdoor seating is an important element. At TV mounted 12 feet off the ground is not conducive long term viewing. Also, you don’t want to be watching a TV in line with the setting sun.

Outdoor Audio Systems

Music should be enjoyed everywhere and not just indoors. The most important considerations are coverage and control. Data Wire Solutions can help you plan and build the perfect audio entertainment area in your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Audio System Considerations:

Source of Music – From a system standpoint, listening to music from an iPod is different than music from a CD player or your sonos home audio system.

The source will impact the components needed, and the cost of your system.

The size of listening area – Sound disperses quickly in an open space. We will help you create zones that will distribute your music evenly without overpowering your guests.

The layout – Spread out systems are different than a long and narrow space. Outdoor speakers have specifications for size and distance.

Wired vs. WirelessWireless systems are available, but they tend to be a little more expensive than wired solutions! We can advise you decide on the best option for your budget.

Proximity to Water – Speakers that will be close to the hot tub or the pool will need to be waterproof. They should also be secured in such a way to prevent them from being knocked into the water.

Outdoor Connectivity:

If you are planning a wireless system, 110-volt power outlets will be needed. If you are planning a wired system, you will want to run the wires through the wall of the house and not through door jams or window sills.

Choosing the right rating, gauge, coating and type of wire is important. For example, four conductor wires could cut down on the number of runs needed. At Data Wire Solutions, we will choose the correct connectivity components based on your specific needs.

Outdoor Monitoring:

During the summertime, the kids are outside running around and playing. As parents, we all know the importance of making sure they are supervised and safe. The good news is, today there are many good security camera systems for remotely keeping an eye on the kids and knowing when someone enters or leaves your backyard.

If your children make a break for it, you’ll know!

Audio, Video, and Security for Outdoor Living

We can assist you through all the steps, streaming music options, what type of speakers work for you and the best placement that works with your area.

If you want to sit on your patio and watch movies, we can help with selecting the right TV or Projector and location.

Your patio is an extension of your home and should be just as inviting; Outdoor Living will never be the same!

The ideas are endless with the many tech options that today available on the market.

Fill out our contact form for a free consultation or give us a call at (914) 315-4280

Thank You for reading, see you soon!

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