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Wired vs. Wireless Network.

home network

home network

A very common question for a lot of people is which type of home networking setup is better wired, wireless or both. Which path you take will be completely up to you and it may take a bit of consideration before you can make the proper choice. If you’re not too familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of each connection type, I’ve got you covered. Today we’re going to go over some of the differences between the two types of network setups and why or why not they may be right for you.

What Will You Be Connecting?

You should start by assessing every device that you’ll be connecting to your network. If you only plan on connecting a desktop PC, then you probably won’t have to venture far from just a wired setup. Now, if you plan on connecting multiple devices, your best bet might be in using a wireless setup. Most laptops will come with the ability to connect via Ethernet, but this will also limit their mobility. Most tablet devices, as well as smartphones,  won’t be able to hook up to a wired connection unless you purchase a special adapter. In short, if you enjoy the mobility of laptops and tablets, you should consider using a wireless setup, but if you only have a single device, such as a PC, a wired network is probably the best route to take.

Is it secure?

Another thing you’re going to want to keep in mind is who will be connecting to your network. Now, this is an extremely important aspect, as you have to also keep in mind the security issues that could come with having an unsecured network. The safest choice for connectivity in terms of security is a wired network. This type of network will ensure that there aren’t any possible security threats taking place in your connection. While there are some ways to protect harmful threats from happening on your wireless network, it’s never a guarantee. You can add a protective password and encryption over your wireless network in order to keep out unwanted 3rd parties, but you should be aware that there are possibilities for hackers to get into your network if your Wi-Fi is not set up properly. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional to secure your computer network.

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