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TCL 65C82 Mini LED TV – A Brilliant Budget TV

TCL C825 ON TV Cabinet

TCL C825 ON TV Cabinet

TCL has become one of the largest and most influential television manufacturers in the world. Over the past decade, TCL has invested staggering amounts of money in increasing manufacturing capacity and setting up development centers, which has been the driving force for the company’s range of innovative, higher-end devices.

The company has its own 8K television, its QLED panels and played a sweeping role in introducing Mini LED technology, with TCL being the first company to present it. This year, they’ve also added a Mini LED TV to their range: the C82 series, of which we got to take a closer look at the 65-inch version (TCL 65C82).

Let’s take a closer look:

Picture Quality

Picture quality is ensured by a proprietary 4K HDR-enabled QLED pen with Mini LED backlighting and an in-house image processing engine. One of the advantages of the new technology is that it theoretically allows for higher brightness and more realistic color rendering while reducing glare.

Mini Led:


The individual diodes responsible for backlighting have been reduced in size, allowing more of them to be placed behind the panel and divided into a larger number of individually controllable groups than before. In theory, this allows more precise control of the backlighting, making the screen’s content appear more accurate, especially with HDR content. In addition, the option to group LEDs and control their brightness decreases the black level significantly, increasing the contrast.

Refresh Rate

This device has a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz and now supports dynamically variable refresh rate (Freesync) technology. The input lag is at 13.2ms, which is not as great as the best gaming monitors, but it’s still a good value, so it should be okay for gaming.


Colors are nice, natural, and realistic at the lowest settings but not as bright as an OLED model. However, even reproducing challenging content such as human skin or water rippling under artificial light was clean and crisp.

The Sound

The television features a powerful sound system developed by Onkyo, and the speakers are not hidden but are turned towards the viewer and placed under the screen. Furthermore, this striking sound projector is packed under the screen and wrapped in a sleek grey fabric. Besides the two 15 watt mini sound projectors, there is a 30-watt subwoofer in the back, making the TV sound significantly better than most of today’s models.

The integrated sound system is significantly better than most of the competing models on the market, with loud, powerful, and good sound quality.

The Look

You’ll notice right away that this is a gorgeous TV.
It has a bit thicker-than-usual casing surrounded by a metal frame, the color of which perfectly matches the brushed finish of the base. It holds the generous size screen firmly but does not allow it to be tilted or tilted.

At the back, there are four HDMI 2.1 ports, one USB 2, Ethernet, composite (with an AV adapter), analog and digital optical audio connectors, and a CI slot for decoding digital programs.

There is an extra socket on the top of the TV to easily insert a microphone and camera. This accessory is included in the product box and can easily be removed if not needed.

Android TV

TCL’s latest connected TVs are now running on Android TV with Google Assistant built-in. The latest 2021 line of 4K HDR televisions now come with an always-on, voice-enabled Google Assistant. The Google Assistant can be activated with the simple phrase, “Okay, Google.” The Android platform has grown up to be the most dominant platform in the world and is the first choice for 1 out of every 2 Smart TV purchases.


With the new TCL C825 television, the company demonstrates its ability to provide a competitive set in the high end of the market. Google assistant works fine, and all the essential apps are there. The included camera performs well, and we think it’s a valuable addition to this weel rounded TV.

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